Mikaela Mitchell-bishop is a painter living and working in Sydney. Her work is grounded in the Australian landscape and trying to understand her relationship with it. Her paintings show her way of seeing a seemingly flat and monotonous yet viscerally detailed country.

Mikaela's process begins with a planned and prepared trip into the bush, often using found materials while bushwalking to make quick studies that are then further developed into figurative and gestural artworks in the studio. Her distinct style is self taught and she wishes to convey her feeling of a place rather than show a literal representation. She uses whatever materials that are on hand when the mood to work strikes, using colour and texture intuitively

Featured Artist: JABEEL

Jarred Beeler is a Sydney artist and photographer. He considers his work an optimistic outlet for himself by pinpointing, capturing and manipulating often close-up images that exist around him. Jarred is primarily inspired by the colour palettes and textures that he perceives as opposed the subject of a particular image

Each work is a high quality 10" x 15" photographic print, custom framed. Available exclusively through Herbert Flores.

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